Welcome To the Park Ave. Baptist Church Prayer Ministry

A Praying Church past… The first century church was built on a dynamic prayer life. In many ways that could be said of the early days of PABC. The overall emphasis over the years has been the call to develop a personal prayer life from the foundational teaching of former Pastor Peter Lord and his groundbreaking writings in “Hearing God’, “Soul Care” and the “2959 Plan – a guide to communion with God”. This prayer DNA is key to any thriving prayer ministry. Other evidences of the role of prayer at PABC can be seen during the early 1970s with the “Prayer Bus”, along with the building of the “Prayer Chapel”. Prayer times in small groups, leadership meetings and corporate gatherings have played a vital part in God giving direction for key decisions such as starting the retreat Ministry, the Church School (Park Ave. Christian Academy) and other major decisions. PABC’s early years have been marked by seasons of strategic warfare prayer, significant days of prayer and fasting, Concerts of Prayer and designated 24-hour Prayer. The call to prayer will only intensify in the days ahead.
A praying Church present… Prayer is taking place and thriving on several fronts at PABC. The many opportunities for both small group and corporate prayer are readily available for any who might be interested in being a part of this ministry. We are excited about the remodeling and transformation going on at our Prayer Chapel during the summer of 2020. This powerful place of prayer has been home to many groups meeting to pray and where individuals have had dynamic encounters with God. Along with the outdoor surrounding “Lord’s Garden” area, this “House of Prayer” continues to be a centerpiece of the Prayer Ministry at PABC. 
Click the button below to view different ongoing prayer groups that meet at various times throughout the week, in different frequency, at multiple locations and focusing on many areas. The time, day, location, other details as well as the person to contact concerning each group is listed.
Fill out the form below and click “submit” to leave any prayer request that you would like for our Prayer Chapel Prayer Teams to pray over. 
We also have a special Church-wide time of corporate prayer and worship every third Monday of the month called “Heart and Soul Prayer Gathering”. This engaging experience of worship and intercession is refreshing, dynamic and encouraging as we cover strategic areas of prayer as directed by our Sr. Pastor, Steve Yuke and Director of Prayer Ministry, Billy Durham. We also have an Altar Prayer Team Ministry consisting of our Church Elders. Pastoral staff and other trained individuals who are available to pray with anyone at the end of our worship services concerning any need of salvation, healing, restoration, renewal and other areas as needed. This group is selected and trained specifically for this ministry. 
A praying Church future… There are many exciting new areas of prayer on the horizon as well as the continued development of present prayer opportunities at PABC. Some of these include Nights of Worship and Intercession led by the PABC Worship and Arts Ministry along with designated 24-hour Strategic Prayer Sessions, Sermon Series on prayer (past ones include “Camping with Jesus”, “Draw The Circle”) and more. Seasonal teaching classes on Growth in Personal Prayer, Family Prayer Strategies, Prophetic Ministry Prayer Times, Spiritual Warfare and other special training sessions will continue to be offered throughout the year. Please look for more details on the dates for these events and other opportunities to join us in the PABC Prayer Ministry!

If you need more info as to how you can be involved in the PABC Prayer Ministry or to answer any questions concerning this ministry, please contact Billy Durham at durhamb@parkavenue.org

Asking… Seeking… Knocking! Luke 11:9

If God’s House is to be a House of Prayer, we must be a People of prayer.

“Prayer is not preparation for the battle, it is the battle .”

- Oswald Chambers

If you want to wage good warfare, first of all pray.

-Peter Lord