Life can be lived alone, but we believe the spiritual life God has called us to at Park Avenue is better lived in groups. We have many types of groups at Park Avenue that meet at various times and with various purposes. Some groups meet for support, some for fellowship and others for Bible Study.

Small Groups

These adult groups meet in homes weekly for fellowship, encouragement, support and life on life transformation. We value the importance of mutual sharing within a small group so the typical small group is no larger than 14 people.  Small groups either meet in homes in our community or on our church campus.  We have various types of small groups for every season of life.  What makes small groups unique is the ability to get know people in a deeper and more life transforming way in a relaxed and relational environment.  

Twice a year we have a small group connection event called CONNECT4 which gives those that are not currently connected to a small group an opportunity to experience what small groups are all about.   We have found that forming new groups is the best way to get connected to group life.

Community Hour

These groups are generally larger than small groups and meet on campus during  either one of our Sunday morning Community Hour times (9:15 &  11am). The primary purpose of these groups is to offer life-transforming Bible study and to provide caring ministry.  We have ongoing Community Hour groups that meet year long and also topical short-term group (6 – 12 weeks in length) offered at different times of the year.