2023 Mission Trip Overview

Level 1 – basic physical exertion
Level 2 – moderate exertion
Level 3 – difficult/extreme

General requirement for all trips: 
  • Participants must have a valid passport with more than sixty days remaining before expiration from the start of the trip.
  • Participants must submit a trip application with notarized liability/medical release form and a $350 non-refundable deposit by April 1, 2023.
  • Participants must attend all training sessions set by their team leader


Dates: July 14-22, 2023 (may flex)
Cost: $1500
Team Size: 8 people maximum
Age requirement: high school – adult
Trip focus: evangelism, prayer, spiritual warfare as the team comes alongside our mission partners Atila & Bea Holo to reach children and families with the gospel and change the environment of that village and region. Flexible spirit and a willingness to build relationships cross culturally will be a great advantage for anyone going on this trip.
Trip rating: 2

Norway/Germany (Trip Cancelled)

Trip was cancelled due to issues with Russian Invasion of Ukraine and difficulty with  in-Country Mission Partners hosting a team at this time.  


Dates: June 17 – 24, 2023
Cost: $1,000
Team size: 8-12
Age requirement: high school – adult
Trip focus: in-home evangelism, prayer, children’s day camp. You will experience some of the poorest of the poor as you minister in the dump church area of Guatemala and experience the great worth of people who have little to nothing in the way of worldly possessions.
Trip rating: 1+
Need: Team Leader

Costa Rica (Trip Cancelled) 

Due to low sign up, trip has been cancelled.  We hope to try again next year. 

Romanian Summer Internship 

Dates: June 15- July 31 w/ Livada Orphanage, Romania
Cost: $3500 (inclusive of all costs and airfare)
Trip rating: 2+
Trip focus: A Livada internship will facilitate short term teams, orphan care camps, cradle care ministry, group home ministry and lay the ground work for the rest of the years ministry to orphans and the needy in that region. You will work hard but you will grow massively as you give your life away in serving others.

Southeast Asia IMB opportunity – The deadline for application and deposit are detailed on the event ID website and is different from all other PABC trips. 

Track 1 - May 20 - July 15 Cost: $2,500
  • IMB application required at: Event ID: 28003 | https://fcsmnstry.io/qv/VWjsDKJXrY
  • requirement:
  • college/young adult
  • desires a career in international church planting
  • good physical condition – strenuous remote mountain terrain
Trip Focus: Building relationships while taking the gospel to remote mountain regions.

Track 2 - June 1 - July 1 Cost: Cost: $1500
  • IMB application required at: Event ID: 28004 | https://fcsmnstry.io/qv/fXL4Zn0qRQ
  • requirement:
    • College/young adult
    • Curious about international church planting
    • Good physical condition – urban setting
Trip Focus: Church planting in an urban environment through relationship building.

Both Trip ratings: 3


Dates: TBA (Sept - October time frame)
Costs: $2,000 approx. but may vary depending upon airfare
  • college/young adult – adult
  • good physical condition
  • medical background helpful but not necessary
Trip focus: medical outreach to muslim community. Incredible awards await the team as they minister to the medical needs of several communities in Kenya while building relationships in hopes of sharing the gospel.
Trip rating: 2+
Leader: Contact Tony Gooch at tonygooch@earthlink.net for more detailed information

Active Missionaries

Beth and Joey Domingues

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Noah and Alexa Okembe

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