Sunday Service (May 28th)

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”  (John 15:13).  On this Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we remember those that have given their lives in military service to our nation. Pastor Steve will be back sharing the next message in the sermon series “The Jesus Narrative: Through all 66 Books of the Bible” from the book of I Kings Part 2.

  • ASL (American Sign Language) support is offered every Sunday for those attending in person at our 9:15 am service.
  • For One Can Make a Difference this Sunday,  May 28th, we are collecting Boxed Cereal and Mac ‘n Cheese for Good Shephard Lutheran.
  • If you have missed any past sermons, you can listen to them here.

Here's what's coming up . . . 

“Could we, as a church in 2023, use a better God-kind of frame of mind; to leave behind the wanton desire and incline to fault-find, malign, and live with an axe to grind.  And instead fight to unwind and outright decline, what the evil one has intwined into us to bind our heart and blind our mind. May we each be refined and reminded that we are assigned by the mega mind, one-of-a-kind, Jesus, who is the mastermind that said, we should be unconfined to shine the divine well-defined design He has for us, as we combine our will with His.   And with some spine, we go and share with all humankind the possibilities of being aligned with God; for when we seek, we shall find, and in Him no longer be sidelined. Park Avenue, that’s what can happen when we change our frame of mind.”
 - Excerpt from Pastor Steve’s message on January 22nd: “Possibilities of the God-kind”