Meet the Staff

Steve Yuke

Senior Pastor

Tyler Buckley

Executive Director

Billy Durham

Director of Prayer, Mentoring
and Leadership Development 

Brian McKinney

Park Avenue Christian Academy

Dan Ferguson

Director of Small
Group Development

Braiden Wood

Director of Worship
Creative Arts

Cheryl Gil

Director of Nursery &
Children's Ministry

Richie Lord

Director of Family Ministries

Jonathan Gibson

Director of Student Ministry

Dennis Taylor

Director of Recreation

Chris Landers

Director of Facilities

Zak Unrue

Director of Media & Marketing

Our Amazing Support Staff

Carol Eilers

Administrative Assistant to Steve Yuke

Tami Sheppard

Receptionist & Bookstore Manager

Sarah King

Office Administrator

Stephenie Tomlinson

Accounts Payable/Bookkeeper

Debbie Unrue

Children's Ministry Associate

Sandy Bailey

Children's Ministry Associate

Chris Harm

Route 56

Jerri Lowe

Janitorial Facilities Lead

Sherri Durham

Director of Retreat Ministry

Joyce Rice

Retreat Ministry Hostess

Lisa Morrison

Kitchen Manager

Kevin Batungbacal

Facilities Support

Jaylen Avelar

Media Assistant



Mark Glenn Sr.

Facilities Support